Frequently Asked Questions

Email me with any other questions or for references

Do you travel for weddings?


Anything outside the general Lower Mainland/Vancouver area will be subject to a cost of $0.50/km.

What happens if your DJ system breaks in the middle of a gig?

I have a backup music system and DJ controller that I bring to every event, so you will never be without music.

Why do you like being a DJ?

My real passion is making people happy and getting them up dancing. I love the type of music you hear at weddings. I want your event to be fun and to get you to dance, because it makes it more fun for me. I like golden oldes and I like new top 40, music is so versatile, I don’t have one favourite genre.

I pride myself on keeping the party going from song to song and from each transition.

Lounge, Tropical and Deep House would be my favourite type of music to mix on my free time. Think “late night cool new coffee shop” or “trendy upscale hotel bar” kind of music.

When do you arrive to set up for an event?

I always arrive 1-2 hours before the start of an event depending on how many set ups we’ve agreed on. This way everything is tested and ready to go before your event is and soon as I’m set up, the music will be playing!

Can we meet to see if you'd be a good fit?

Yes absolutely!

I offer a no nonsense, no commitment meeting anywhere in the city. We can grab coffee and see if we gel.

After that I’ll send you a contract, song selection sheet, your invoice and you’ll be set for your event.

Is gratuity customary?

If I do a fantastic job, then you can decide!

Do you offer Liability Insurance?

Yes, up to $1,000,000 is covered for personal and property damage.

How does payment work?

Payment can be made in full on the day or the week leading up to the event in cash, cheque or e-transfer. VISA/Mastercard (subject to a 2.75% fee).

A $100 – $300 deposit is required and is non refundable. Contract must be fulfilled if event is cancelled 60 days or less before the event.

What kind of music do you play and do you take requests?

Of course, requests are great and let’s me know what the crowd is into.

I have over 15,000 songs ranging from old school hip hop, top 40, country, reggae, golden oldies, disco funk, edm, lounge, rock, pop you name it!

Can you add on extra time last minute?

Of course! Over time is no problem!

Let me know before the event is wrapped up, I work in 30 minute increments.

What's the deal with SOCAN?

The SOCAN fees for weddings are based on the capacity of the room, and therefore, are the responsibility of the venue. The venue is at liberty to pass on the fee to the renter of the hall (eg. the bride and groom), but they are ultimately responsible for reporting and paying for the events.